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Orange, A. (2016) The Lichens of the Falkland Islands. An Introductory Guide. Falklands Conservation.


A full-colour guide to 94 of the most easily recognised species, with an introductory section on lichen structure. One of the outputs from a project funded by the Darwin Initiative in 2014-2016.


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Orange, A. (2013) British and Other Pyrenocarpous Lichens (Version 2).


A guide to identification of British lichens with perithecial fruiting bodies, including the difficult genus Verrucaria and its relatives. Occasionally updated.


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Orange, A. (2009) Saxicolous lichen and bryophyte communities in upland Britain. JNCC Report 404. ISSN 0963 8091.


A phytosociological classification of the lichen and bryophyte communities growing on rock in the British uplands. A total of 83 communities was distinguished, including 56 on siliceous rock and 27 on limestone. As is commonly experienced in phytosociological work, delimitation of communities was not straightforward - variation in response to many independent environmental variables precludes a simple system of classification. Despite these problems, the classification is a significant advance on earlier phytosociological knowledge of the lower plant communities of the British uplands.


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